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Enochs Law seeks to preserve the benefit of what you bargained for.

Enochs Law is a California-based firm of real estate lawyers acting in service of your entrepreneurial success.

At its core, real estate is not about property. It’s about a transaction between people. And whenever there’s a transaction between people, disputes can arise.

Our goal as real estate lawyers is to strategically formulate and identify the alternatives for overcoming those obstacles and to help you select the best option in service of your business goals. Then, we make sure it happens.

It’s all about getting you to your business goals.

“Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of your economy. My job is to do everything in my power to make sure you succeed.”

- Alan Enochs, Founder, Enochs Law


Our founder and the entire Enochs Law team love entrepreneurship and are passionate about helping them reach the goals they’ve set for themselves as business owners.

While our daily tasks vary depending on the needs of individual clients, everything we do as real estate lawyers is designed to help you run your business as profitably as you can while minimizing risk in the over-regulated and over-litigious world.

Our founder Alan Enochs has been a guardian of entrepreneurial success for years and the team he’s assembled is not only familiar with the challenges that entrepreneurs face, but experienced in helping to extricate them from such issues in ways that are the most effective.

About Alan Enochs

Alan began his career in finance, working in credit and collections for a commercial finance company that originated commercial loans and leases. He was working for a nationally recognized bank when he was contacted by an investment firm for an asset management job managing non-performing real estate secured loans.

While working as an asset manager, Alan was primarily dealing with non-performing real estate secured loans secured by commercial property. This commercial property included retail, multifamily, office, and industrial. Here, he was responsible, in part, for hiring lawyers around the country to judicially foreclose on the property and take back the property as REO. Once ownership and possession of the property had been procured then Alan would engage lawyers to prosecute and defend lawsuits relating to the REO properties (wrongful foreclosure, lien priority, landlord-tenant, and the like).

One day, during a performance review with his employer, the investment firm, the topic of law school came up. Alan decided it was a great opportunity and agreed to attend law school by night while working full time for the investment firm. Upon graduating law school and passing the bar exam, Alan went into private practice for himself. His experience with business, economics, finance, accounting, credit and collections formulated his approach to solving problems.

san diego commercial real estate lawyers Enochs Law Group

Today, Alan leads Enochs Law as its real estate lawyers and staff provide legal services to clients in a variety of real estate transactions and seeks to grow the firm so that more entrepreneurs are free to do their vital work in the world.

The Value of Experience and Perspective

All of these perspectives and experiences provide Alan with a realistic view of how the world works and he brings this thoughtful, strategic outlook to bear in his work with clients: He and the Enochs Law team think critically and act strategically to remove impediments to our entrepreneurial client’s success as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

We want to see to it that you as a business owner are free to be productive, provide value to your clients, and flourish in all aspects of your work.

Our goal is to help you succeed in your business whether your business sells goods, provides professional services, or invests. Because when you thrive, there are more jobs, more opportunities, more financially stable circumstances for all those around you.

A Strategic Process For Achieving Your Objective

Our team wants to represent you, to be your advocate in legal matters, and to make your life easier so you can continue your efforts to add value to your business.

We’re here to encourage and help you but we’re also here to provide real, concrete legal guidance that helps you reach your goals.

The Power Of Asking You, “What Is Your Objective?”

We want to know what you hope to achieve. We call your response to this question, your objective. Our process to achieve this objective begins in our initial consultation. During this time we’ll clarify with you what it is you are trying to accomplish with a formal objective statement. From that point onward we introduce legal and non-legal alternatives to achieve this objective.

Working together, we will formulate alternatives to achieve your objective. Once alternatives have been formulated, we will use cost, benefit and risk as a standard of measure to evaluate these alternatives and place these alternatives in a hierarchy from the most valued alternative down to the least valued alternative. This strategic, methodical approach ensures the best outcome available to you among the alternatives alleviating any second-guessing of the wisdom of any particular course of action.

All discussions from the outset of our work together will focus on furthering this objective and we consider whether a given alternative will frustrate or further your efforts to achieve what you set out to achieve.

Just as you do in your business, we think critically about how to arrive at the goal and take every step possible to do so in a way that’s fast, economical, and effective.


Connect With Our Team

If you’d like to have a firm of experienced commercial real estate lawyers in your corner as you pursue entrepreneurial success give us a call at (619)421-3956.

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