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Enochs Law helps real estate investors, lenders and other entrepreneurs meet their objectives in a complex and contentious world as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

The Enochs Law Group is a California-based real estate law firm focused on removing obstacles from your path to entrepreneurial success.

Whether you’re faced with challenges related to litigation, investment, loans and foreclosures, agent and broker litigation, wholesaling disputes, probate issues, contract issues, landlord-tenant disputes, or address other real estate law challenges, The Enochs Law Group is here to help you achieve your objectives.

We provide legal representation, due diligence services, contract creation, and other legal guidance services to help you continue to freely pursue your entrepreneurial goals. We do this by identifying and formulating alternatives to help you achieve your objectives in the most inexpensive and effective way possible.

“Society depends on the productive efforts of business people and entrepreneurs.”

- Alan Enochs, The Enochs Law Group

About Us

Our California-based real estate law firm serves entrepreneurial-minded clients from Sacramento to San Diego as they endeavor to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Led by Alan Enochs, an experienced attorney with business and finance knowledge, our team will strategically develop and pinpoint the alternatives for overcoming the issues you currently face and select the best option given your circumstance and business goals. Once we’ve determined the best course of action using our strategic process, we take every action necessary to make sure it happens.

To learn more about why we do the work that we do and to understand why The Enochs Law Group is uniquely positioned to help you reach your goals as an entrepreneur, click the button below.



At The Enochs Law Group, we offer a wide range of legal services from due diligence and contract creation to guidance, representation, and litigation. And because we believe in the immense value your entrepreneurial efforts provide to our nation’s economy, everything we do is designed to ensure you can keep doing your work unfettered by legal conflict.

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