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Selling or purchasing real estate in California involves a complex legal process where issues can arise. From San Francisco to San Diego, we’ve helped clients address legal issues arising from real estate transactions with great success. Most often these issues are between buyers and sellers who go into these transactions with expectations.

At the conclusion of some real estate transactions, people are often surprised to find that what they receive from the transaction is not what they thought they would receive. In other words, the reality of what they received does not match the expectations they had at the outset of the transaction.

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Assisting You in Your Real Estate Transactions

When the gap between initial expectations and what is received is stark enough, a dispute will arise.

This is when the Enochs Law Group will get involved to preserve the benefit of what you bargained for in the transaction.

Regardless of whether the property in question is vacant land, a single family residence, a multi-family homes (apartments, condominiums, duplexes), a strip mall, an office building, light industrial, industrial, or a warehouse, we’re here to support you in your real estate transactions.

Experienced California Real Estate Attorneys

In addition to this type of legal representation, we also welcome the opportunity to offer clients “preventative medicine” in the form of contract creation, due diligence, and disclosure preparation.

So, wherever you are in the real estate transaction process, if you’re interested in having a team of experienced California lawyers at your side to ensure the best possible outcome given your circumstances, give us a call at (619) 421-3956.

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