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Real Estate Business Litigation

In the current real estate market, wild west behavior is rampant and Enochs Law is here to help entrepreneurs preserve the benefit of what they bargained for. From San Diego to San Bernardino, Saratoga to Los Angeles, and all cities in between, our business litigation lawyers are working to protect our clients from a variety of issues they face in their real estate transactions.

Our team is dedicated to identifying and formulating a set of alternatives to get you to your desired outcome in the most inexpensive and effective way possible. This means that we’ll take the time to evaluate the challenge you face, your unique circumstances, and the goals you have for your business, and the particular transaction we’re addressing.

Whether you’re a wholesaler, business owner, or investor, our business litigation lawyers have the experience and expertise to ensure that you receive the best outcome given your circumstances.

One of the most common issues the team at Enochs Law helps our clients overcome involves the interference of a third party in their contracts or established deals. Tortious interference like this means that you’ve done the work to initiate or complete a transaction in service of yourself and your business and someone else is creating a barrier to your success.

When that third party tries to encroach on your contract or take your property you need the best possible legal guidance to overcome the challenge and find your way to a successful outcome. You need to know your options, the contingencies of each option, and what legal or regulatory statutes might impact your path to success. If you’re dealing with this sort of challenge, our team can defend you legally and get those parties to back off.


real estate business litigation lawyers in San Diego Enochs Law

Real Estate Business Litigation Lawyers in San Diego

We’ve also helped clients overcome difficulties related to disputes arising from business and investment partnerships. These disputes arise for many reasons but at their core, they are about a contract between two people; because of this, joint ventures can often lead to disputes between parties as well.

To learn more about how our business litigation lawyers can support you in your real estate transactions and endeavors, give us a call at (619) 421-3956.

"I go into the field of battle and will fight for the entrepreneur. I will do what I need to do to fight for them."

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