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Our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of landlord and tenant law in California. Whether you’re a landlord experiencing an issue with a tenant or a commercial tenant experiencing a dispute with your current landlord, the team at Enochs Law group can help you address these issues so you get the benefit of what you bargained for.

Legal Services For Landlords

Issues with possession of the property and non-payment of rent due are two of the most common legal issues landlords face when renting to a tenant. You may also face disputes regarding ADA compliance, commercial lease renegotiation, holdover tenants, and lease violations.

Whether that property is an office building, retail space, industrial complex, or multifamily space, chances are that you as the landlord are looking to that space as a business venture or investment. So, you need to ensure the success of your investment to the best of your ability in order to achieve your goals.

That’s where our team of landlord and tenant law experts step in to ensure you get the benefit of what you bargained for. We use careful analysis to generate and evaluate alternatives to reach your objectives and provide the best outcome given your unique circumstances.

Legal Services For Commercial Tenants

Commercial tenants in California are protected in a variety of ways and it’s vital that you understand where you’re covered and where you may not be. Getting clear on your legal options will give you the best chance of success in your transactions and dealings with your landlord (current or future) and understanding the laws, regulations, and contracts that protect your rights will require an expert legal team experienced in landlord and tenant law.

landlord and tenant law Enochs Law San Diego CA legal services for tenants

Speak to the Landlord and Tenant Law Experts at Enochs Law

At Enochs Law, we can assist you in understanding and overcoming issues related to the assignment of your lease, security deposit distribution, unlawful retaliation, and even whether the responsibility for repairs and improvements falls on you or your landlord.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you overcome disputes with a landlord or tenant?

Looking to ensure your contracts are in order before entering into an agreement with a tenant or landlord in the first place?

We can help. Call us at (619) 421-3956 to find out how we can put our team of landlord and tenant law experts to work in service of your entrepreneurial success.

"Every case is different. Every client is different. But one of the things that we do when our clients come in is we have them sign an objective statement. "What is it you're trying to achieve?" And from that point forward we start introducing alternatives to achieve that objective."

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