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Real Estate Investing

Enochs Law primarily handles the litigation associated with real estate investing and real estate transactions.

We recognize the value of the entrepreneur as the lifeblood of our economy and are dedicated to the entrepreneurial success of our clients. To that end, we do all that we can to remove barriers to that success so that you are free to grow your business and add value for those you serve.

We approach real estate investing and the litigation we tackle each day by understanding your matters while identifying and formulating alternatives to help you achieve your business objectives in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.

real estate investing in San Diego Enochs Law real estate lawyers

Simply put: We are dedicated to securing the benefit of what you bargained for.

Here are the key areas in which we can support you in your entrepreneurial ventures.


Wholesaling transactions are complex business transactions where a variety of legal and regulation-related issues can arise and where selecting the best course of action given your circumstances requires proper legal guidance.

To learn more about how we help clients with wholesaling transactions, click here.

Real Estate Investing (Loans Secured By Real Property)

Real estate investing requires you as an entrepreneur to understand the legal implications of your investment as well as any governmental regulations that might impact your transaction.

To explore how we can help you as you invest in real estate, click here.

Real Estate Rental Properties

Buying real estate to rent is often a great investment but can also come with hurdles that you’ll need to overcome to fully reap the benefits of that investment.

If you’re interested in legal guidance for your landlord or tenant disputes, click here.

Real Estate Flipping

If you’re buying real estate to flip and sell, you may experience legal disputes where you’ll need to know the best next step to achieve your objective.

If you would like explore how our team can help you achieve your real estate flipping goals, click here.

Commercial Development

We’ve helped clients reach their commercial development objectives with a careful analysis of their contracts, due diligence services, and legal representation in their disputes.

For more information on how Enochs law helps clients you overcome challenges with commercial real estate development, click here.

To explore how we can help you reach your goals for entrepreneurial success as it relates to real estate investing, give us a call at (619) 421-3956.

"I have a unique view of how the world works, it's not a utopian view. It is a realistic view."

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