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Real Estate Wholesaling

From San Diego to Sacramento, Orange to San Francisco, we’re here to support businesses and entrepreneurs as they overcome their real estate wholesaling challenges.

Real Estate wholesaling is a complicated investment activity. A typical wholesaling transaction involves three parties and two contracts. We call these, “A” – “B” – “C” transactions. “A” refers to the seller of a property. “B” refers to the wholesaler. “C” refers to the end buyer. There is the “A” – “B” contract. Then there is the “B” – “C” contract. The “A” – “B” contract is the purchase agreement. The “B” – “C” contract is the assignment contract. When investors engage in real estate wholesaling, whether as the seller (“A”), assignor (“B”) or buyer (“C”), disputes can arise.

With so many moving parts at play, there are simply more chances for things to go wrong. From a legal perspective, these complex situations will require due diligence to assess the client’s position relative to their objective, formulation of alternatives to achieve their objective culminating in a plan to achieve the client’s objective given the maze of complexity before them.

Our goal in each real estate wholesaling case is to preserve the benefit of what our client bargained for when entering the wholesale transaction in the first place.

The inadequacy of a client’s contract for litigation can be an obstacle to the client achieving their objective in a wholesale transaction. We work with clients toward being proactive in having contracts that serve their needs and objectives.

real estate wholesaling experts Enochs Law San Diego CA

Experts in Real Estate Wholesaling

Whether our client’s legal issues arise on the “A” – “B” side of the transaction, or the issues arise from the “B” – “C” side of the transaction, our team seeks to address these issues so that our clients get the best possible outcome given their circumstances.

The Enochs Law Group is here to ensure that our clients are protected against these issues and should you find yourself with a problem in your wholesale transaction, we’ll solve your problem using the best alternative available under the circumstances.

To learn more about how we can support you in your real estate wholesaling transactions, give us a call at (619) 421-3956.

"We use economics as the standard of measure to evaluate alternatives and then that will help us place them in a hierarchy from the most desired alternative to the least desired alternative. Then we strive to achieve the best alternative. If we can achieve it great. If not we continue to move down the hierarchy to the next best alternative. Eventually, you get a result that's one of those alternatives.  Following the approach ensures the client gets the best outcome available to them."

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