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Foreclosures are the byproduct of a borrower not paying on a loan secured by real property. Naturally, a lender would prefer the borrower pay on the loan relative to foreclosing on the property. But, when the borrower is not paying on the loan, then the lender needs to consider foreclosure. Foreclosure in California is a highly regulated process. Our experienced foreclosure lawyers at Enochs Law can inform you of your options when considering foreclosure.

One example of this regulation is California’s anti-deficiency statutes. Failing to properly navigate this regulation can result in the forfeiture of the lender’s right to a deficiency or the forfeiture of the collateral itself. We at the Enochs Law Group help lenders maximize the amount of recovery on their loans.

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Your Foreclosure Options

At the heart of any real estate secured loan are two contracts, the promissory note and the deed of trust (mortgage). We sit down with the lender, look at the collateral securing the loan, any guarantees, the borrowers’ financial capacity to pay and work with the lender to formulate alternatives to maximize their recovery on their loan.

In California there are two types of foreclosure. There is a non-judicial foreclosure that takes place outside of the court room and does not involve a lawsuit. The other is a judicial foreclosure that takes place in the court room and does involve a lawsuit. There are pros and cons to both types of foreclosure. Our team of seasoned foreclosure lawyers at the Enochs Law Group work with clients in identifying the type of foreclosure that best serves the client’s objective.

Foreclosure Lawyers In San Diego

No matter the approach, our foreclosure laywers are committed to supporting you as you overcome difficulties related to loans and foreclosures in a purposeful manner that gets you the best outcome possible given the unique situation surrounding your case.

If you’d like to explore how we can put our experienced team of foreclosure lawyers to work for you, give us a call at (619) 421-3956.

"I run my cases. I run my clients like a business and they love it."

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